Why We Love the Shipyard’s Seasonal Décor

For the last five years, we have been proud to call the Shipyard our home. You’ve seen us mention our location in several blogs and posts, because there are endless reasons to love the area. It’s in great proximity to the city — and the Cape, there are tons of shops around and places to grab lunch when we need to get out, and it’s continually growing. Among our favorite things to watch through our office windows is the changing of seasons.

As fall begins to grace us with its presence, the boats begin to depart from their docks, the leaves begin to change color – and the Shipyard changes its outdoor décor from a summer theme to fall. As much as we hate to see the vibrant summer flowers being removed from the sidewalk islands, we can’t help but get a little excited when we see the workers unloading bales of hay.

As the “fall” décor has officially made its seasonal debut, we felt like we should share a few reasons why we love – and appreciate – it (and all the Shipyard’s seasonal décor) so much.

1. We believe in the power of making things aesthetically appealing.
As an advertising agency, our job is often to help bring an element of visual appeal to products and brands. We do this, in part, with clean, functional design and visually arresting images. It’s human nature to gravitate toward things that look more visually appealing, so any time we see someone who has done just that, we always stop to appreciate.

2. We appreciate a consistent schedule.
At the beginning of every season – without fail – we watch the grounds keepers haul new greenery, flowers and other seasonally appropriate accents (think: fake crows and giant Christmas ornaments) onto the sidewalks and begin transforming the scenery. It’s an event that we count on consistently to help us get excited for the upcoming season and all the fun that comes with it.

One thing we’ve learned in our business, is keeping a consistent schedule is the key to success. We practice this daily with consistent status calls with clients and weekly internal meetings.

3. We believe timing is everything.
In the marketing and advertising industry, timing is everything. Whether it’s the timing your social media campaigns (think Oreo at the Super Bowl), timing of your email campaigns, or strategic media placements, understanding when to execute is vital. We appreciate that the Shipyard perfectly times these seasonal shifts so not to force the next season on us too soon (cough, CVS/Michaels/every retail store out there, cough).

Below are a few pictures of the fun fall decor (some featuring one of our favorite office pups, Doug)

Hingham Shipyard fall decor GrayMatter Agency

Hingham Shipyard fall decor GrayMatter Agency

Hingham Shipyard fall decor GrayMatter Agency