We’re Helicopter Parents and We’re OK With It

For us, being part of a new product launch is like becoming a parent. We’re right there, helping to bring a brand new product into to the world. There are months and months of preparation and planning — working to find just the right name, envisioning the impact it will make, and determining how best to introduce it to those who will interact with it. In what seems like the blink of an eye, it’s time to send it off into the real world.  Like typical helicopter parents, we are always concerned about our new product’s wellbeing, and keep a close eye on it — even after it’s left the nest (we study its social media accounts, track what people are saying about it and give it advice on how to deal with challenges and adversity).

The most recent addition to our family of product introductions is QuikClot Control+, a hemostatic dressing designed to control profuse bleeding, developed by Z-Medica. Initially, we were enlisted to simply help Z-Medica develop a name for the new products. Because of its unique ability to quickly and reliably stop heavy bleeds while offering the efficiency of enhanced control, GrayMatter and Z-Medica landed on QuikClot “Control+” as the name. But before long, the relationship grew and the initial naming project evolved into a full-blown product launch.

As we worked our way to the launch, we were tasked with a wide range of assignments, from creating product packaging to message development and validation to sales support materials and social media content. On January 1st of the New Year, the long wait was over. QuikClot Control+ was officially launched with a brand new microsite, print and digital ads run

ning in industry publications and a statement-making booth design at the company’s biggest show of the year. We were beaming with pride.

Now that Control+ has taken its first steps, we look forward to continuing our role as helicopter parents, hovering over the product to find ways to ensure its continued growth and success.

Have a new product that is in need of some parental guidance? Contact our Senior AM Alyssa and see how we can help your product take its first steps.

QuikClot Control+ Tradeshow Booth

QuikClot Control Plus Advertising