It’s All About Heart: Sharing A Company’s Heritage

Teleflex Arrow heritage campaign

Approaching the 50th anniversary of the first application of the intra-aortic balloon pump, Teleflex Medical was in the perfect position to embrace their history. Their cardiac care division, Arrow, had a rich heritage in that space, and while the company was consistently at the forefront of innovation, fast-following competitors with aggressive marketing efforts often overshadowed them. 

As they were preparing for a much anticipated product launch, a new IABP, Teleflex saw an opportunity to remind the market of their rich history and unmatched record of success. GrayMatter was approached with a distinct challenge of creating a compelling campaign that showcased their long heritage to an external audience while helping to tell the great stories of the people behind Teleflex’s success, internally.

After conducting internal and external interviews with KOLs and essential employees, GrayMatter began to distill the

data, documents and anecdotes. It didn’t take long to recognize that at the crux of all this information was an underlying theme of passion that drove employees and customers to be enthusiastic about the products that Teleflex produced.

Fusing together the ideas of passion and cardiac care, we created print ads, email blasts and standup banners that featured employees holding up their hands in the shape of a heart. Headlines like “it took more than just science to make true intra-beat timing a reality”  effectively captured what separates Teleflex from other players in the cardiac care space —  technological excellence driven by passion and commitment.

The campaign was an immediate success, generating a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment while creating momentum and enthusiasm leading up to the launch in the Spring of 2017.


  • Client: Teleflex
  • Tasks: Messaging, Design, Photography, Advertising
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