GE Healthcare graphic design

The European market’s growing acceptance of PET imaging for diagnosing, staging and monitoring cancer was driving new demand for a reliable supply of PET tracers. GE Healthcare was poised to seize upon the opportunity by launching the region’s first cGMP compliant manufacturing and distribution network for radiopharmaceuticals.

Recognizing that GE Healthcare had virtually no name recognition in Europe and PET imaging had minimal penetration in the market, we took an approach

that would enable us to tell the GE Healthcare story while also reinforcing the value of PET as a whole.

With “Delivering the Promise of PET” we created an overarching theme that addressed both challenges. A print and digital campaign directed at imaging lab managers quickly established GE as the reliable source for radiopharmaceuticals. A separate campaign, aimed at oncologists used the theme illustrate the many ways PET imaging could improve patient care.

Project Details

  • Client: GE Healthcare
  • Tasks: Branding, Messaging, Marketing Material, Graphic Design