Partner Profile: Media Planning – Redhead Media

Here at GrayMatter, we have a dedicated small team that handles the core competencies of the agency directly in house. Strategy, planning, creative development (art direction, graphic design, copywriting), web development – the full gamut. However, for areas outside of our direct specialities, we enlist the help of our network of trusted partners. This includes Redhead Media, a local, full-service media planning and buying agency. At GrayMatter, we bring messages to life with compelling creative across a variety of executions — print, digital, environmental. In many instances, we’re able to enlist the help of Redhead Media to help us make sure that creative is reaching the right audiences through the right channels.

RedHead Media We sat down with Christine Baldwin, President & Founder of Redhead Media, to get the lowdown on her business and discuss best practices when it comes to keeping up with today’s ever changing media landscape:

– Give us some background… How did you get into Media Planning?

After working in Boston for a couple of years at a print publication company, television station and graphic design firm, one of my friends managed to get me an interview at Holland Mark to work within their B2B media group.  From there, I was hooked on the planning process, developing strategies and implementing campaigns for clients…

– Redhead Media was founded in 2003. What made you want to start the company? 

In the early 2000’s, the advertising industry was very volatile with the and internet, so unfortunately, after a couple of layoffs (which happened to everyone), I made the decision to help clients who have limited budgets that could not afford a big agency format. So, I focused on education, non-profits, B2B, healthcare and financial services clients that had under a $1M budget level. I’ve been fortunate to partner with several agencies, such as GrayMatter to provide full-service media buying to compliment their creative and achieve client goals for the past 15 years.

– Like GrayMatter, you work with clients across a broad range of industries. What would you say are the major differences between planning media programs for clients in the medical space vs. other industries? 

It is all about the audience and how they engage with media on an every day basis. Luckily, we have the data and research to provide insight to consumer and B2B behavior that can help us make those decisions to be as effective in reaching audiences in various media formats, such as print, broadcast, digital or out of home placements.

– What do you find most challenging about the process as a whole? 

Media planning is a jigsaw puzzle of analytics, behavioral data and media opportunities in the market. The science of making all those factors work effectively with the right creative messaging is the key to being successful for your clients. The most challenging and exciting part is the ability of the digital technology to focus on specific audiences by demographics and behavioral patterns.

– 2018 promises to bring many changes to the media landscape – What trend do you think will prove successful in the new year? 

The industry is headed toward AI (Artificial Intelligence) as the next phase of audience profiling, which will be very interesting to see how it evolves within this industry and across other fields in the coming years.

So, if you are looking to kick off your next ad campaign, we’d love to chat! For more information on Redhead Media, visit her website  or send her a note.