GrayMatter takes on the bombcyclone

Since ringing in the New Year, the weather in and around our Hingham, MA office has been challenging our decision to call New England our home. The temperatures have been at record lows (much to the dismay of the sun-loving duo: Account Exe, Alyssa and Senior Graphic Designer, Kayley), and a blizzard ‘bomb cyclone’ has torn through the East Coast today. In the last two days, we have witnessed sections of the docks at the Hingham Shipyard commuter boat slowly sink into the water, pilings get swallowed by the marina’s icy waters, and hunkered down in work-from-home mode to ride out the strong winds and aggressive waves to take on the blizzard.

As we’re holed up in our home offices for the day, we thought we’d share some of the sights from our windows as this historic ‘bomb cyclone’ rolls through the South Shore. We hope everyone is safe and warm this winter season!