A Three Step Process For Success

A process is imperative to the success of any business — which is why we begin all of our projects, small or large, with our three-step process. The first thing we do is immerse ourselves in the project – learn everything we can about the product/service and digest all the information handed over to us in the initial kick-off meeting. We define what the key goals of the project are and use that as a springboard for what follows. Next, we distill all that information we get down to its most important parts – taking what is seen to many as complex and honing in on the key product benefit or primary value proposition. We identify the key differentiator – what makes the product/service unique. We take this single most important idea and weave it throughout the creative concepts and messaging. Lastly, we execute on the ideas (often times after research validation), delivering the materials in different forms – ads, digital banners, emails, trade show banners, etc. – all while maintaining a consistent look and feel and message.

Our process helps us take complex problems and boil them down to their simplest, most essential points. A recent example of this process coming to life was through a heritage marketing campaign we developed for Teleflex. The Teleflex cardiac care division approached us wanting to stake a claim in the marketplace, as they had recently approached a substantial milestone of the 50th anniversary of the first application of the Intra-Aortic Balloon pump. The biggest challenge lie in capturing the colossal amount of history spanning a half a century – technological advances/breakthroughs, etc – while also paying homage to the company’s employees that had contributed to its longstanding success.

In addition to an initial kick-off/data dump of the company’s history and information about their position in the marketplace compared to their competitors, we conducted several qualitative internal and external interviews that honed in on each person’s perception of the company. The information we gathered was rich with important facts about the history of the success in cardiac care, but also revealed the sheer pride and passion each person felt for Teleflex itself. It was the idea of passion and pride that was the key differentiator of Teleflex’s cardiac care division and was the single, simple thought that we wanted to thread throughout the campaign.

With that, we began creating concepts that featured photographs of employees creating a heart with their hands. This was meant to represent not only the true heart and passion these employees felt, but also their commitment to cardiac care. The campaign came together quickly with the addition of lines that combined the technological advances with the emotional undertone of the concepts themselves.

The client loved the idea and we immediately got to work with a photoshoot and executing ads, emails and tradeshow banners. Each ad featured a call-out bar that highlighted a key milestone for the company, which further articulated the company’s deep and successful heritage.

As a result, there was an influx in enthusiasm and momentum, both internally and externally, leading up to the division’s biggest product launch in years.

Our process has led us in helping Teleflex and many other clients create unique and unified campaigns and we continue to refine and reuse it with each project we complete. If you’re interested in hearing more about our process or would like help boiling down your complex issues to their most important points, contact us and we’ll he happy to lend a hand.