A New Logo for GM

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we finally unveil GrayMatter’s new, redesigned logo!

After many successful years in circulation, the original [OG] GrayMatter logo will take a backseat to a sleek and new modification. Over the last 11 years, this beauty has stood strong as a constant in this ever-changing, fast-paced industry that never sleeps. But as with most things after 11 years in use, it was time for a facelift. With that in mind, our Creative Director and Partner at the agency, Karl Thompson, got to work on a redesign.

The original GrayMatter logo was built on the principals of fearlessness and hard work. The strong orange color reflected the idea that the team was not afraid to be bold and the mix of serif and san-serif typefaces represented a broad range of capabilities. As an agency that had experience that ran the gamut from medical device marketing all the way through to consumer television work, it seemed fitting to mix the two categories of typefaces.

Today, we are as creative, confident and bold as ever — with an even wider range of capabilities. So while the rationale for the existing logo still remains valid, we wanted to freshen and lighten its appearance to remain consistent with current design sensibilities.

What we ultimately landed on was a lighter and more graceful iteration of the original logo – still featuring the serif and sans serif typefaces to represent the range of capabilities of the GrayMatter team, and of course, still shining bright with that signature GrayMatter orange – PMS 021C.

The circles in the G and Y create visual softness in the first word and mimic the rounded descender of the G, making for a more cohesive experience. The thin sans serif typeface of the “matter” conveys refinement and attention to detail, and the connection of the two T’s shows partnership – something GrayMatter finds very important. So important, in fact, that the word “agency” has dropped off the logo entirely, to emphasize the working relationship we want to have with our clients. We aim to be more than just an agency – often times we see our clients as friends and partners, checking in with them during major life events or sharing family photos and stories during meetings. We care about the relationships that we have made over the last ten years and want to continue to grow and expand our community.

The idea of a logo redesign is not an uncommon practice in our industry – Google and Yahoo are just two of the major brands to overhaul theirs in recent years. A vital component of the process is maintaining a resemblance to the original logo to allow for customers to continue to recognize and appreciate the brand that has been established.

So while the changes may not be earth shattering, they are certainly substantial in our design-filled world where we obsess over every small little detail.

Great care and consideration should be given to a logo redesign, however, it is often a welcome change to see a brand evolve with the trends of the industry and remain fresh and current. If you feel like your current logo needs a facelift of its own, we’d certainly be willing to lend a helping hand in creating that mark that’ll turn heads, contact us here for more information.