A love letter to the perfect client

Dear Perfect Client —

We think this is love.

When we first saw you, we were really optimistic that this relationship might go somewhere. You were open-minded and understanding. You had this “down for anything” attitude, which we rarely see. And let’s be honest — who wouldn’t want that?

You thought we were funny – and smart. And best of all, you told your friends about us. We made you happy, and you weren’t afraid to let people know.

We didn’t think we could be any more in love…

…but then you uttered those words, which sent chills down our spine: “the deadline is in five months.”

We knew this was love.

As our relationship continued, it became pretty clear that we made the perfect team.

We would talk on the phone for hours – day or night; tell each other about our dreams and goals. We even took a flight, just to see you in person. Rarely would a day go by where we didn’t get an email from you.

It really was a great relationship.

We might’ve disagreed at some point, but we talked it through, and eventually, you saw our side of things. And we love you for that. You just seemed to get us.

As they say “all good things must come to an end.” This project did. And the goodbye stung a little more than the rest.

We think that we can do anything together, so when a new project comes up, you know where to find us.

With endless love and gratitude,

GrayMatter Agency

P.S. If things don’t work out between us again, have your friend give us a call. 😉