A Holiday Greeting From GrayMatter Agency

Holiday cards are a big deal in the advertising world. Each year, agencies try to outdo one another with big, elaborate gestures or funny and creative videos. This year, we decided to keep it simple and focus on the one thing that matters most to us — our clients. We know that the week before the holidays can be a rough one. Maybe it’s quiet around the office and you’re looking for something to occupy your thoughts, or maybe you just need a little distraction from all the hustle and bustle of the season. Either way, our hope is that this card will keep your mind challenged and your mood bright and cheery! Below is a digital copy of our card – we encourage you to print a copy for yourself to keep your mind moving these next few weeks. And if you are able to finish (it’s a hard one!) send a photo of your completed card over to agood@graymatteragency.com – there may be a gift certificate for a local Hingham restaurant up for grabs!

Good luck, and may you find all you’re looking for this holiday season.