A can’t-miss (literally and figuratively) vehicle for delivering a brand message.

I recently attended the Vascular Interventional Advances, otherwise known as VIVA, meeting in — where else but Las Vegas. With an endless abundance of scenes and signage to catch your eye, it’s no small challenge to get attendees of the meeting thinking about your product when they’re heading out to “The Strip.” Kudos to Medtronic, BARD and Phllips (among others) for accomplishing just that.Granted, the enormous digital billboards they used could not have come cheap. But if ever there was proof that you get what you pay for, this was it. While the messages and exceptions were pretty straightforward, the sheer scale was remarkable. After all, how often do you see a 25’ tall balloon catheter? Now, I’m not saying that these executions alone would necessarily be enough to sell a vascular surgeon on a particular device. I do however, believe that this kind of impactful delivery of a message, just outside where the meeting is being held, offers the kind of “stickiness” we’re looking for when delivering a product or brand message. Even now, when I’m nearly 3,000 miles removed from the bright lights of the City of Sin, the images of those billboards are still fresh in my mind. And can a marketer ask for anything more than that?