7 Reasons We’re Sad to See Summer Go

Having the office situated so closely to the marina is an invaluable part of working at GrayMatter. The views are stunning, the area is bustling and there is no shortage of that “ocean” air coming off the water. The summer months are some of the most enjoyable around the office – the sun is beaming through our oversize windows and boaters flock to the docks to take their boats out for a ride. As we close in on the last weeks of what will feel like summer, we compiled a list of things that we hate to see go when summer is over.

  1. The view – the summer is filled with bustling sidewalks and full boat slips but as the fall and winter months close in, the boats begin to disappear and the sidewalks become increasingly more desolate.
  2. Eating lunch outside – the warm sunny weather provides us with an opportunity to sneak out and spend a little time soaking up some vitamin D on our lunch break, which is always a welcome change of pace from the busy work day.
  3. The people watching – touristy summers lead to an increased population of people from all walks of life walking around our area – it provides for some great people watching and some pretty adorable dog watching as well.
  4. The concerts – every Friday during the summer, a band will set up near the office on Fridays and put on a free show – it’s fabulous entertainment right in our own backyard and a great way to kick-off the weekends.
  5. The beach – since all of us at GrayMatter live on the south shore, being around water is in our blood so when the fall hits, we leave our beaches and pools kicking and screaming.
  6. Long days – nothing makes for a more productive afterwork evening than running errands in the daylight. Somehow 8pm feels like 6pm and it makes the work week a little easier.
  7. The sunlight – there’s nothing more welcoming than walking into the office in the morning and seeing the sunlight beaming through our windows. It’s an energizing way to start the morning and the perfect place for our chief canine officer, Doug, to curl up and take a nap.