Facing one of those brain-twisting marketing challenges? You’ve come to the right place. We live for this stuff. From distilling endless data points into clear and compelling message points to finding the sweet spot in a highly competitive landscape to navigating difficult legal and regulatory constraints, we do it all. Scroll down and see what we mean. And see how GrayMatter could be the perfect partner to tackle the complexities of your everyday world.


Like every client, every challenge is unique. So are the solutions we offer. Our capabilities go beyond full-service, they’re about right-service. Delivering an integrated, strategic and innovative approach designed specifically around each client’s individual needs and expectations.

GrayMatter Capabilities


Karl Thompson

Karl Thompson

Creative Director/Principal

Art director. Designer. Problem solver. Sailor. For founding partner Karl Thompson, finding solutions to the really tough challenges has always been the most rewarding. “The harder ones tend to be more memorable, the easy ones kind of blend together.” In his more than 25 years in the business, Karl’s seen more than his share of both.

John Springer

John Springer

Creative Director/Principal

If you’re driving the coastal roads of Boston’s South Shore and see a guy on a bike talking to himself, chances are it’s John Springer thinking through a messaging strategy. “From my earliest days working in Philadelphia and New York, I’ve always been able to channel my thinking when I’m out riding.” Two decades later, it’s a strategy that still seems to be working.

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From the Blog

A Holiday Greeting From GrayMatter Agency

Holiday cards are a big deal in the advertising world. Each year, agencies try to outdo one another with big, elaborate gestures or funny and creative videos. This year, we decided to keep it simple and focus on the one thing that matters most to us — our clients. We know that the week before the holidays can be a rough one. Maybe it’s quiet around the office and you’re looking for something to occupy your thoughts, or maybe you just need a little distraction from all the hustle and bustle of the season. Either way, our hope is that this card will keep your mind challenged and your mood bright and cheery! Below is a digital copy of our card – we encourage you to print a copy for yourself to keep your mind moving these next few weeks. And if you are able to finish (it’s a hard one!) send a photo of your completed card over to agood@graymatteragency.com – there may be a gift certificate for a local Hingham restaurant up for grabs!

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Leading Edge Technology At The Water’s Edge

Massachusetts has a long and well-established reputation for being at the forefront of technological advances. It’s the home of MIT, the birthplace of Facebook and the epicenter of healthcare innovation. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a conference that blended the state’s strength in innovation with its marine heritage. The Marine Technology Society Tech Surge at the UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was an opportunity to show that in this state, innovation extends beyond the shorelines. Attended by representatives from the academic, commercial and military sectors, this year’s event spotlighted innovation in subsea and marine autonomy.

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GrayMatter Offices

Five Years at the Shipyard and Counting

It was five years ago this week when the GrayMatter team packed up their desks at the Station Street office and moved into the former-Curves-gym-turned-cool-agency-digs at the Hingham Shipyard. The transition was a substantial one for the team – we went from having two windows and a view of a parking lot, to having windows in every direction, overlooking the marina. Once we moved in, we never looked back.

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Thanks In All We Do

With the holidays fast approaching, we think it’s important to take a timeout and remind ourselves what we’re thankful for this year. Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of work and forget to take a look around us to acknowledge all that there is to be thankful for in our day-to-day lives. This year, it’s a lot.

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Greenbuild Conference Boston

Innovative Thinking, Sustaining Value

Last week, I attended Greenbuild, an international conference focused on sustainable building. There, I saw “living walls” comprised of moss that serve as insulation and natural air filtration. There were solar panels disguised as a 15 foot flower that automatically follows the arc of the sun. And appealing to the cyclist and woodworker in me, a road bike with a frame made from Pennsylvania hardwood.

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Barrel House Z Bamboozled By Hops Beer Label Weymouth MA

Bamboozled by Hops

We love watching our client (and friends), Barrel House Z, climb the ranks of local craft breweries. It seems like everyone we run into has heard of their beer and is planning to stop in at the brewery for a cold one. When we wear our BHZ swag (which is often), we can always count on compliments on the logo or hearing people say: “I’ve been there, it’s awesome!”

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Harbor Media Collateral

Helping a local media services organization rebrand

We have mentioned in several posts about our love for working with our local community and organizations on the South Shore. All of our employees live in the area and many grew up around here as well. That’s why we always welcome the chance to work with neighbors, friends and local organizations.

We were ecstatic when Harbor Media approached us to assist in a brand overhaul effort. Harbor Media defines themselves as the media hub for the Hingham community and surrounding areas. They cover and broadcast local happenings, provide classes and access to production equipment and host/produce local programming shows. Their coverage falls into three categories (channels): public, educational, and government.

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Tom Clark Director Business Development GrayMatter agency

Tom Clark, Director of Business Development

It’s always exciting when a new person joins the GrayMatter team, and this time is no exception. Tom Clark has joined our team as the new Director of Business Development and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to the GrayMatter family. We sat down with Tom for a quick Q&A to help us get to know him a little better and help us introduce you to him.

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