Whether big or small, global or regional, our clients look to us to help them solve complex marketing challenges with our unique blend of strategy, creativity and technology.

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Karl Thompson

Karl Thompson

Creative Director/Principal

Art director. Designer. Problem solver. Sailor. For founding partner Karl Thompson, finding solutions to the really tough challenges has always been the most rewarding. “The harder ones tend to be more memorable, the easy ones kind of blend together.” In his more than 25 years in the business, Karl’s seen more than his share of both.

John Springer

John Springer

Creative Director/Principal

If you’re driving the coastal roads of Boston’s South Shore and see a guy on a bike talking to himself, chances are it’s John Springer thinking through a messaging strategy. “From my earliest days working in Philadelphia and New York, I’ve always been able to channel my thinking when I’m out riding.” Two decades later, it’s a strategy that still seems to be working.

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From the Blog

GM Welcomes Newest Team Member

As an agency that focuses on bringing clarity to complex marketing problems, it’s important to have team members who have past experience that aligns with this mission. That’s why our newest team member, Leon Merian, was the perfect addition to GrayMatter Agency.

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A love letter to the perfect client

Dear Perfect Client —

We think this is love.

When we first saw you, we were really optimistic that this relationship might go somewhere. You were open-minded and understanding. You had this “down for anything” attitude, which we rarely see. And let’s be honest — who wouldn’t want that?

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QuikClot Control Plus Website Design

We’re Helicopter Parents and We’re OK With It

For us, being part of a new product launch is like becoming a parent. We’re right there, helping to bring a brand new product into to the world. There are months and months of preparation and planning — working to find just the right name, envisioning the impact it will make, and determining how best to introduce it to those who will interact with it. In what seems like the blink of an eye, it’s time to send it off into the real world.  Like typical helicopter parents, we are always concerned about our new product’s wellbeing, and keep a close eye on it — even after it’s left the nest (we study its social media accounts, track what people are saying about it and give it advice on how to deal with challenges and adversity).

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SB LII – 9 More Days!

With only 9 days until the Big Game, we’re gearing up for not only the great football, but for the ads as well! Ad Week has its own SB LII Ad Tracker – A frequently updated roster of anticipated commercials to air this year. Here at GrayMatter, we like to be surprised on the day of and see the commercials live. That doesn’t stop us from looking back at some of the greatest SB Ads of the past. Below are a few employee favorites.. What’s yours?
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Media Planning

Partner Profile: Media Planning – Redhead Media

Here at GrayMatter, we have a dedicated small team that handles the core competencies of the agency directly in house. Strategy, planning, creative development (art direction, graphic design, copywriting), web development – the full gamut. However, for areas outside of our direct specialities, we enlist the help of our network of trusted partners. This includes Redhead Media, a local, full-service media planning and buying agency. At GrayMatter, we bring messages to life with compelling creative across a variety of executions — print, digital, environmental. In many instances, we’re able to enlist the help of Redhead Media to help us make sure that creative is reaching the right audiences through the right channels.

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Graymatter Offices

GrayMatter 2017: A Year in Review

As 2017 was drawing to a close, we were busy setting goals and expectations for 2018. Central to that was taking a look back at all we had done and achieved during the previous 12 months. While everyone at GrayMatter had the sense that it had been good and successful year, it’s hard to keep track of all that’s going on while your nose is firmly placed against the grindstone. As we took a tally of all the projects we completed and the myriad efforts that went into them, it was easy to see how 2017 seemed to pass by in such a blur. Here’s hoping that 2018 is every bit as busy and fun.

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GrayMatter takes on the bombcyclone

Since ringing in the New Year, the weather in and around our Hingham, MA office has been challenging our decision to call New England our home. The temperatures have been at record lows (much to the dismay of the sun-loving duo: Account Exe, Alyssa and Senior Graphic Designer, Kayley), and a blizzard ‘bomb cyclone’ has torn through the East Coast today. In the last two days, we have witnessed sections of the docks at the Hingham Shipyard commuter boat slowly sink into the water, pilings get swallowed by the marina’s icy waters, and hunkered down in work-from-home mode to ride out the strong winds and aggressive waves to take on the blizzard.

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A Holiday Greeting From GrayMatter Agency

Holiday cards are a big deal in the advertising world. Each year, agencies try to outdo one another with big, elaborate gestures or funny and creative videos. This year, we decided to keep it simple and focus on the one thing that matters most to us — our clients. We know that the week before the holidays can be a rough one. Maybe it’s quiet around the office and you’re looking for something to occupy your thoughts, or maybe you just need a little distraction from all the hustle and bustle of the season. Either way, our hope is that this card will keep your mind challenged and your mood bright and cheery! Below is a digital copy of our card – we encourage you to print a copy for yourself to keep your mind moving these next few weeks. And if you are able to finish (it’s a hard one!) send a photo of your completed card over to agood@graymatteragency.com – there may be a gift certificate for a local Hingham restaurant up for grabs!

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