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Facing one of those brain-twisting marketing challenges? You’ve come to the right place. We live for this stuff. From distilling endless data points into clear and compelling message points to finding the sweet spot in a highly competitive landscape to navigating difficult legal and regulatory constraints, we do it all. Scroll down and see what we mean. And see how GrayMatter could be the perfect partner to tackle the complexities of your everyday world.



Karl Thompson

Karl Thompson

Creative Director/Principal

Art director. Designer. Problem solver. Sailor. For founding partner Karl Thompson, finding solutions to the really tough challenges has always been the most rewarding. “The harder ones tend to be more memorable, the easy ones kind of blend together.” In his more than 25 years in the business, Karl’s seen more than his share of both.

John Springer

John Springer

Creative Director/Principal

If you’re driving the coastal roads of Boston’s South Shore and see a guy on a bike talking to himself, chances are it’s John Springer thinking through a messaging strategy. “From my earliest days working in Philadelphia and New York, I’ve always been able to channel my thinking when I’m out riding.” Two decades later, it’s a strategy that still seems to be working.

Walter Mills

Walter Mills

Chief Strategy Officer

Golf: Competition from within and without. Golfers match their skill set against the challenges and demands of the course in order to achieve the optimum result. It's strategy development at its core. "In the marketing world, many clients make the mistake of following the leader in their category. The real strategic opportunity, like in golf, lies in finding a unique way to compete and succeed. Uncovering those insights is what motivates me."

Alyssa Amand

Alyssa Amand

Account Executive

Alyssa has been knee deep in account services and project management for the last four years. Whether she’s at home managing the various projects at her fixer upper in Green Harbor (aspiring to be like Joanna Gaines), or executing campaign deliverables for various clients, Alyssa keeps a clear head to keep campaign elements on schedule and on target.

Kayley Noonan

Kayley Noonan

Senior Designer/UX

Design comes in many forms. In Kayley's world, it's graphic design by day and a combination of crafting and cake decorating by night. "In the end, design is all about having a vision - whether it be interior design, cake design, or graphic design." Regardless of the format, Kayley keeps the creative juices flowing.

Like every client, every challenge is unique. So are the solutions we offer. Our capabilities go beyond full-service, they’re about right-service. Delivering an integrated, strategic and innovative approach designed specifically around each client’s individual needs and expectations.

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LinkedIn: Total Profile Makeover Edition.

If you have read our recent blog posts, you know that we came away from the 6th Social Media Day at UMASS Boston with a plethora of takeaways. As Kayley mentioned in her post, “Community Management: Building Connections”, we had the chance to attend various break out sessions during the second half of the event. I was lucky enough to attend “PowerUp your Brand with LinkedIn” led by Angela Pitter, Principal of LiveWire Collaborative, a digital marketing consultancy in Newton.

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Community Management: Building Connections

At our recent attendance of the 6th Social Media Day at UMass Boston, we had the opportunity to join in on two break out sessions led by industry professionals in the area. One of the events we chose to attend was called: Community Fundamentals: Creating Deep Engagement, run by the very eloquent and enthusiastic Georgina Cannie from the Community Roundtable.

Community management, although not synonymous with social media marketing, can be used in conjunction with social media marketing to strengthen customer relations with a brand.

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An event for socialites

On May 19th, my co-worker, Alyssa, and I joined the ranks of the MBTA morning commuters and made our way to UMass Boston to attend an event to help us fine-tune our skills.

The event – titled “Getting Serious About Social Media” – was an all-day educational program consisting of six guest lecturers and a variety of seven break out sessions, from which we each got to select two to attend.

We checked in, grabbed our badges and selected a seat – notebooks in hand – ready for all the knowledge and wisdom that was about to be bestowed upon us.

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GrayMatter Agency update collage

An update from your friends at GM

As with every business, when things get busy, our own matters tend to go by the wayside first. In this case, it was our blog. We’ve been a bit like the cobbler with holes in his shoes because he’s been busy fixing other’s.

So here we are, several months after our last post, ready to hop back on the self-care bandwagon with an update for everyone with some info to fill you in on where we’ve been for the past few months.

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Marketing for Today’s Attention Span

There was a time when telling someone they have the attention span of a goldfish would be considered an insult, today it’s a compliment. With an attention span of nine seconds, goldfish can maintain focus a full second longer than the average person using the ­internet — whose eight second attention span is down from the twelve seconds it was in 2000.

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